Creator Consulting offers a number of Service Package options designed to meet the needs of most business and individuals.

Feasibility Package:

Our Feasibility Package is intended for those who are just starting out. The objective is to develop a costed project plan that identifies the required tasks, the resources needed , how long it will take, and the overall project cost.

Most plans can be completed in one to three months. The client is expected to carry out the majority of the work, which consists of research, data gathering, cost analysis, and project planning documentation.

Creator Consulting provides ongoing guidance in the form of education, consultation, document templates, and other development tools.

Intermediate Package:

With our Intermediate Package, Creator Consulting will work closely with you in the development of the project plan and implementation. This includes in-dept reviews and basic research.

Development Package:

Our Development Package is designed for those that require a higher degree of 3rd party involvement. Creator Consulting will participate in the actual design & development of the product or service, from working beside you as a sub-contractor to full project management.

Service Package Pricing
Feasibility Package Intermediate Package Development Package
Project Meetings Weekly Weekly As Required
Phone/e-mail Support
Templates & Training
Project Review 1st Level
Project Review 2nd Level
Basic Research
Project Management
$795/month $1,950/month Project Based

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Project Meetings: In-person and/or on-line, these form the backbone of the service. Assistance identifying Project Activities, Resource Requirements, Time Lines & Costs.

Phone/e-mail Support: Provides on-going support between Project Meetings.

Project Review 1st Level: High level review of project documentation, research data, resource evaluation, etc.

Project Review 2nd Level: In-depth review of project documentation, research data, resource evaluation & interviews, etc.

Basic Research: Includes such activities as; technical research; seeking out and qualifying resources; identifying regulatory requirements; etc.

Development: Technical Documentation, Design, Configuration Control, Testing, etc.

Project Management: Direct control & management of resources and activities.

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